18: Parent Participation Guidelines

Victory Life Academy views itself as an extension of the Christian home, reinforcing the ideals, social norms, and beliefs of the Christian family. Realizing that education does not take place in a vacuum, VLA recognizes the importance of parent/guardian support and participation in the successful education of the student.

It is therefore important that parents enrolling their children understand the nature and philosophy of Victory Life Academy. Victory Life Academy’s ultimate purpose for existing can only be fulfilled as parents see and agree with where Victory Life Academy is leading their children, acknowledging that their support, financially, academically and service-based is a vital part of their child’s private education.

Communication between the home and the school is vitally important. To assure that open communication exists, VLA offers Parent Participation guidelines. Parents are encouraged to attend the Parent Orientation each August and volunteer using the participation guidelines. These guidelines ensures parent involvement in the academic and social activities of Victory Life Academy throughout the school year.

VLA cannot exist without parent participation per family per school year. Each family is asked to participate in one of two options. Option one is the honor system in which parents volunteer for specific jobs. There are many opportunities in which parents may fulfill the parent participation guidelines throughout the school year. Option two is a donation option which allows parents to make extra donations to fulfill their parent participation. A suggested donation of $300 for the year may be paid to Victory Life Academy in lieu of service.

Parent Participation Agreement: Each year parents/guardians will be required to complete the Parent Participation Guideline form.

VLA Families must be aware that without parent participation, tuition will need to be raised in order to add the support staff necessary. Our goal is to assist VLA families with guidelines that promote participation.

Parent Participation Guidelines
Areas of Involvement

Activity Coordinator
– Assist in Various VLA Activities
– Semester Commitment

All School Fundraiser
– All VLA Families Participate

Box Tops for Education Coordinator
– Collects, counts, cuts & submits labels
– Organizes class or individual contests to promote student participation

Class Parent
– Assist teacher with class needs & organization of special class events

Class Parent, Assistant
– Assist the Class Parent

PTF Position
– Entire Year Commitment

Committee Chairperson
– Plans and Runs a Committee
– Semester Commitment

Sporting Events
– Volunteers (Concession stands, gate keeping, tailgate, cookout & clean up, etc.)

Teacher Appreciation Committee
– Organizes teacher appreciation events
– Solicitation of the many volunteers needed.

(Field trips, grading papers, school pictures, achievement test snacks, etc.)