05: Athletic Eligibility

Scholastic Eligibility: This section is governed by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA).

Section 1. Semester Grades

  1. A student must have received a passing grade (minimum 2.0 GPA) in any five subjects counted for graduation in which he/she was enrolled during the last semester he/she attended fifteen (15) or more days. (This requirement would be five school credits for the 7th and 8th grade students.)
  2. If a student does not meet the minimum scholastic standard, he/she will not be eligible to participate during the first six (6) weeks of the next semester he/she attends.
  3. A student who does not meet the above minimum scholastic standard may regain his/her eligibility by achieving a passing grade in all subjects in which he/she is enrolled at the end of the six (6) week period.
  4. The student enrolled for the first time must comply with the same requirements of scholarship. The minimum grades required for a preceding semester should be obtained from the records in the school last attended.

Section 2. Student Eligibility during a Semester

  1. Scholastic eligibility for the student will be checked at the end of the third week (during the fourth week) of a semester and each succeeding week.
  2. The student must maintain a minimum 70% grade in all subjects in which he/she is enrolled. Work should be of such character that credit would be entered on the records were the semester to close at that time. If the student is not passing in all subjects at the end of a week, he/she would be placed on probation for the next one week period. If the student is still not passing in one or more classes at the end of his/her probationary week, he/she will be ineligible to participate during the next one week period. The ineligibility period will begin with the first class on Monday and end on Sunday.
  3. The student who has not attended classes 90% of the time for the semester is ineligible, per OSSAA Rule 2-Attendance.
  4. The student who has lost eligibility under this provision must have a passing grade in all subjects in order to regain eligibility. The student regains eligibility (OSSAA Rule 3) with the first class of the new one week period.
  5. The ineligible student who changes schools during a semester will not be eligible at the new school for a minimum period of three weeks. Eligibility may be regained by achieving the scholastic standard at the end of the three week period by complying with Section 2.2 above.
  6. In determining scholastic eligibility, incomplete grades will be considered failing.
  7. One summer school credit earned in an Oklahoma Department of Education accredited program may be used to meet the requirements of Section 1-A for the end of the spring semester.
  8. The student in ISS is considered to be ineligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity.\
  9. The school is not responsible for refunding entry fees of students that are ineligible or choose not to participate in the event or function.