14: Internet Policy

Internet access is available to Legacy Christian School students and faculty. In order to prevent misuse and abuse of this access, certain terms and conditions must be complied with for the protection of both the school and user. The following shall be adhered to by students and faculty:

    1. Conduct and behavior while “online” is the same as expected in the daily classroom.
    2. Access is a privilege, not a right.Inappropriate use could terminate user privileges.
    3. Access for the purposes of commercial, political, or advertising gain is not permitted.
    4. Any exchange of defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, offensive, or illegal information is not permitted.
    5. Any physical or electronic tampering with the system or any of its related software is prohibited.
    6. All copyright laws must be respected and obeyed.
    7. The use of another person’s password or the misrepresentation of one’s self, while using any information system is not permitted.
    8. Legacy Christian School assumes no liability, nor makes any warranty concerning the information the user may or may not be able to receive.
    9. Monitoring of the systems used by school personnel will be permitted to insure compliance of the policy governing the use of the internet.
    10. Depending on the severity of the user’s infraction, loss of access, as well as disciplinary or legal action, could occur.