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Legacy Christian School has spent two decades engaging students from a Biblical Worldview. The goal and mission of the school is to align with Biblical standards, and incorporate chapels, Bible memorization, and an emphasis on moral values.

Legacy Christian School uses Bob Jones, Abeka, Saxon Math, PTLW Robotics, Istation, and Compass to engage students in higher level learning that meets and exceeds state standards. Because LCS holds accreditation, all high school students can transfer to any university they desire. LCS also offers music and drama classes to expand the mind of the student, as well as physical fitness activities for a well-rounded education.

Legacy Christian School strives to make tuition affordable for families in this area. There are also scholarships available upon request and they are based upon the need of the family. Schedule a meeting for more information!

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About LCS

We’re so pleased that you are considering entrusting us with the education and spiritual guidance of your children.  It is an honor and responsibility we take very seriously. As a ministry of Victory Life Church, Legacy Christian School has spent over two decades working with parents to prepare young men and women to make a positive difference and impact their world for Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to develop a partnership with parents that will teach and reinforce Biblical values and lessons, in the home, church and school settings, ultimately providing a consistent and healthy Christ-centered environment for your children. Engaged, supportive parents are vital to the mission of effectively educating students in the knowledge of Christ.

As a Christian school, our heart is to educate in all aspects of a child’s life by cultivating spiritual, mental, physical, and social growth.  We want to nurture your child’s development through excellent academic programs, taught from a Biblical world view, so that they may be examples unto the world—lighted candles bathing those around them in the illumination of Christ.  With that passion as the driving force behind our educational program, our faculty and staff have dedicated their lives to Christ and to the task of helping students realize their God-given potential. To assist students in their quest for knowledge and growth, LCS (as an accredited member of the International Christian Accrediting Association and AdvancedED) offers a rigorous, Biblically integrated college preparatory program.


In 1987, Victory Life Academy was founded in Durant, Oklahoma by Duane and Sue Sheriff with the goal of providing Christian-based, high-quality education. Subsidized by the sponsoring church, Victory Life Church, the academy has grown and made significant improvements, and has kept tuition reasonable.

Victory Life Academy held its first classes in a small metal building annex behind the church parsonage. There were nine students and two teachers in grades ranging from preschool to first grade. Each year since 1993, VLA has had a high school graduating class. Many graduates have also graduated from various colleges and universities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate the mind using state standards with an innovative curriculum that incorporates a Biblical worldview, to provide a conducive environment for Biblical character development through servanthood, and to provide physical fitness activities to enhance overall health.

Victory Life Academy students will be provided a well-rounded education that will enhance their lives and minister to the whole person spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Philosophy of Education

Legacy Christian School is an adjunct to viably assist Christian parents in fulfilling their divine responsibility to thoroughly train each child to obey God in every area of life and to make him or her a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

Christian education differs from secular education.  It is centered in the triune God and has the distinct goal of developing the character of Christ in the student.  The ultimate purpose of Legacy Christian School is to provide quality education in a Christian atmosphere.  LCS’s program is geared to meet not only the intellectual needs of the student, but also his/her spiritual, physical, and social needs. Every subject, whether scientific, historical, mathematical, literary or artistic, is taught with the consciousness that Jesus Christ is to be central in all living and learning.

Legacy Christian School shall provide an environment which encourages each student to discover their unique abilities, to develop those graces and skills demonstrated in the life of Christ, to achieve educational excellence in all disciplines, and to exercise his/her God-given gifts in the expanding opportunities of their Christian development.

The ultimate purpose of man is to glorify God.  Therefore, LCS expects staff and students to reflect that image.  LCS upholds the belief, in practical terms, that God is glorified when there is an atmosphere of understanding and where the fruit of Christ’s Spirit (Galatians 5) is constantly being cultivated.  When God is glorified, it affects how one relates to others in his family, church, and community.  It also affects one’s lifestyle, behavior, and overall attitude toward God’s authority structure in the world.

Legacy Christian School views itself as an extension of the Christian home, reinforcing the ideals, social norms, and beliefs of the Christian family.  Christian education is not confined to the classroom.  It takes place in the Christian home, in the church, and in all the Church’s institutions and educative agencies.  It is therefore important that parents enrolling their children understand the nature and philosophy of Legacy Christian School. Legacy Christian School’s ultimate purpose for existing can only be fulfilled as parents see and agree with where Legacy Christian School is leading their children.


Thank you for considering Legacy Christian School.  Our mission is to provide a quality Christian education, based on strong academic standards. Legacy Christian School’s emphasis on Christian education is what distinguishes LCS from other academic institutions. LCS meets and exceeds state standards for Oklahoma schools.


Legacy Christian School is a member of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) and offers Junior High and High School Sports. Sports programs include basketball and LCS co-ops with Achille for Softball and Baseball. Homestudy is available for students who wish to play sports. Legacy Christian School welcomes students who are doing home study and at least 1 credit hour at LCS to participate in LCS sports. Please contact administration for details.

Faculty & Staff



Dr. Morrison has worked in both public and private education for over 15 years. She has the heart to help each student who comes through her doors to achieve their goals in good academic standing and in strong character.

Bachelor’s of English Education
Master’s of Education Administration
Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration
15+ years in Education



Ms. Clubb has been with LCS for over five years. She loves utilizing the gifts the Lord has given her to serve the students, faculty, and staff.


Academy Pastor/VL Durant Assistant Pastor

Pastor Landon Heinen serves as the Pastor for Legacy Christian School. He has a love for The Word of God and a passion for seeing people transformed by Jesus. He has a father’s heart to encourage the gifts and callings that God has placed within people, and to help foster a lifetime desire to follow God, Learning about Him, all that He created. Landon and Jasmine have been married for over two decades and are raising five amazing kids.


Academic Administrator

Ms. Tamra has been with LCS since 1987. She has served in several capacities over the years but is most passionate about our concurrent enrollment program whether that be at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, or Kiamichi Technical Institute. Ms.Tamra hopes that all students feel equipped and supported for their next steps after high school graduation.


Library Assistant

Amber New is a LCS Alumni with 2 teens who are following in her footsteps.  Amber is thrilled to join the team at LCS. She fell in love with reading as a little girl starting with the Frog and Toad series. She loved going on adventures with each new character she met in the many books available. Amber is excited to help spark that same love of reading in the kids and the adventures it can take them on.



Ms. Bennett has a love and passion to see children be active. She has served as a coach at LCS for over 10 years and has been an influencer that students highly respect. Ms. Bennett is a mother of five children and a grandmother of seven.


Third & Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Scott is has been teaching since 2009 and is well known for her skillset in intervention. She loves working with 2nd graders in their learning and understanding of reading, writing, and comprehension, and thrives in helping lay a foundation of helping a student understand how to learn. Mrs. Scott is a wonderful wife and mom.


Dean of Students/JH History

I look forward to partnering with families as Dean of Students and overseeing the discipline and spiritual welfare of our students at LCS. Conflict is an opportunity for us to grow. It allows us to think about who we are and who we want to be. As Dean of Students I will have the ability to lean in and to draw out of our students their God ordained purpose and calling and lead them into it!


1st Grade Teacher

Hi, I’m Kimberly Vincent.  I feel God makes everyone with a purpose in life.  My purpose is working with children, and I am so grateful it is!  I have worked with children for the last 16 years, with 10 of those being the children’s director at church, and 6 teaching grades Kinder and 1st at Silo ISD.  I feel extremely blessed to be a member of the LCS family!  I so am excited to continue to help grow young minds and hearts with a love for God.


Aide/Cheer Coach

Mrs. Megan Keeler has been with us for 3 years now. She strives to be exactly where God is calling her and has a heart to always be obedient in what He’s calling her to do.

She has a heart for students to truly know who God is and aspires to pour love into each student she interacts with.


Bible Teacher

Connor Harrison attended LCS as a student from age 4 until his graduation in 2016. After high school, he attended Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, CA for three years. Connor is currently the Youth Pastor for the Victory Life Church Durant location. He attends Southeastern Oklahoma State University in pursuit of a Psychology degree with the goal of becoming a licensed counselor. Connor is very excited to encourage and work with students as they develop their personal relationships with God.


Coach/PE Assistant

Chandler graduated from VLA in 2017 and started working at LCS in 2018. He finished first year at Charis Bible College in 2019 and is starting second year this year. Chandler’s heart desire is to truly see people transformed by Jesus


Elementary/HS Spanish Teacher

As a recent LCS graduate, Arielle is excited to return and see all of the students! She is especially excited because not only does she care about the education of the students, but also about their spiritual well-being. As a Spanish teacher and native Spanish speaker, she has a heart for seeing students grow in their Spanish speaking and overall communication abilities so that they can have all the tools they need to witness and love a wider range of people.


Library/Community Outreach Coordinator

My husband, Brandon, and I are firm believers in LCS. We are both alumni and are so thankful to have our 3 kids as part of LCS. We believe wholeheartedly in building a firm foundation academically and spiritually. We are blessed to have LCS as a partner in establishing these attributes in our children. I am thrilled to be on campus everyday speaking life into the LCS students. I believe they will all do great things in the years to come! World changers are being commissioned and sent out of LCS, and we are thankful to be a part!


Second Grade Teacher

My name is Susan Hill. I’ve been an educator for many years. I believe God orchestrated my move to Legacy Christian School. I feel extremely blessed to be able to teach in an environment where everything centers around God; His love for us, and our love for Him in return. My husband of 40 years is a pastor of a small Baptist church. We have 8 beautiful children and 14 grandchildren (so far). I taught my first Vacation Bible School when I was in the 6th grade. I was hooked. I loved it then, and still  love it today.


5-11 Grade Geography and History Teacher

Mr. Casey Green graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2020 with his bachelor’s degree in History. He has been teaching history courses for 3 years and loves teaching history, but most importantly, getting to pour into the next generation. He is honored to be a part of LCS and is excited for the growth that is coming to the school.


Third & Forth Grade Teacher

This year, Mr.Turner has been with LCS for 10 years and is excited about educating 3rd and 4th grades yet again. He has a strong love for Christian education and works hard to incorporate a biblical foundation in every subject he teaches. He is a wonderful husband and a loving father.


Assistant Principal/Cheer/English

Mrs. Emert is a seasoned teacher and administrator. She has taught in TN, AL, TX, and OK. She has a firm belief that she is called to education and is extremely happy serving the next generation. Mrs. Emert is a devoted mother and a committed member of the community.


English Teacher JH/HS

Micalah Piazza graduated summa cum laude from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2022 and has been working with LCS since 2020. She is passionate about helping young people express themselves and learn about the world around them via the written word.


Afterschool Coordinator

Amy Roebuck is a proud alumni of LCS and has 24 years experience working in classrooms, daycare, and children’s ministry. Amy has four children of her own and has been married for 23 years.


JH Girls Bible

Mrs. Heinen is passionate about sharing the love of God through his word. Her desire is for students to know the character of God, then effectively apply God’s Word to their lives. She has a gift of encouragement and sees the gold in every student. Trained in Emotional Intelligence and Crucial Conversations, she continues to pursue higher education and relational studies.


7th-12th Grade Math

Ms. Fortenberry is committed to helping students excel in their understanding of secondary mathematics through a biblical worldview in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys supporting students in all their extracurricular activities.


Bible Teacher

Mrs. Harrison is a LCS alumni, who has a passion to see students transformed by Jesus. 


Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Potter is excited to bring her love for the culinary arts to LCS! An Alumni herself, she has a love for this school and its students.

In her daily life, she is a mother to an LCS student and a loving wife- who loves to travel and go antiquing!

Her goal is to spread God’s love and joy every day in her kitchen!


4th-6th Grade English Teacher

With a passion for education and a huge heart for service, Ms. Schomer began her teaching journey with Teach For America 2007-2009 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. In the fifteen years that followed, she enjoyed an accomplished career in marketing but finally found herself called irresistibly by the Lord back into the classroom at LCS. She considers it a great honor to minister to the children of our community as they grow, not only encouraging their spiritual development but also nurturing their growth into exceptional communicators and discerning consumers of literature and media today.


Fine Arts

I am called by our Lord to be a part of this amazing team that helps families “raise up a child in the way he should go…” Prov. 22:6. Our Father is the Creator of the Universe. As we are made in His image, we each have been given the incredible gift of creativity. I want to help each student partner with the Lord, use that gift, and envision new and incredible ways it can be used!

Statement of Nondiscrimination


Legacy Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or disability in administration of its educational and admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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Legacy Christian School has spent two decades engaging students from a Biblical Worldview. The goal and mission of the school are to align with Biblical standards and incorporate chapels, Bible memorization, and an emphasis on moral values.