12: Fundraising Policy

Legacy Christian School was established with the mission of providing choice of education to the families of the Texoma area. The goal of LCS is academic excellence in a Christian environment. Secondary to this aim is to keep tuition at a level which is not cost prohibitive to parents who desire the educational standards for their children which LCS provides.

Tuition and fees mainly cover teacher salaries, with much of the general expenses of the academy coming from other sources. Consequently, if LCS is to obtain additional items necessary for the school, such as playground and sports equipment, reference and library books, audio-video equipment, computers and software, etc., additional funds must be raised through school-sponsored fundraisers.

LCS’s selection of fundraising events is based on building relationships within Legacy Christian School and the community. LCS strives to partner with student families, local businesses and the community to raise needed funds and to serve the community at the same time. LCS’s fundraising philosophy is about “building relationships with donors that allow the donors the greatest opportunities to ‘do good’ in ways they care about deeply.” (Growing Giver’s Hearts, Jeavons & Basinger.)

LCS seeks to offer fundraisers that strive to meet various levels of need. For example, bake sales after church services give the sponsoring church’s congregation an opportunity to sow into the school and enjoy something fresh and homemade. Parents of students bake and donate the items for their involvement. The school receives the profit. Everyone involved benefits and LCS’s relationships with those involved is enhanced.

Fundraisers disburse the economic burden by expanding the base from which funds can be obtained, (i.e., extended family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.).

Legacy Christian School fundraisers involve elementary, middle school and high school. There are two types of fund raisers held during the year: LCS-sponsored fund raisers in which the profits go to Legacy Christian School, and class-sponsored fund raisers in which the profits go to the class to pay for school-approved class trips, class-sponsored events, etc., (i.e., Sports Banquet, athletic and Spirit Squad uniforms).

All School Fundraisers: LCS conducts two all school fundraisers a year. It is the goal of LCS that these fundraisers require no student door-to-door selling and that the fundraiser provides a service/activity which benefits both LCS and the community. Parents are expected to participate in these fundraising efforts.

Class Fund Profits: Classes may raise money by exceeding their class quota in the LCS fundraisers, (once the class quota has been met, all monies above the quota go into the class fund), or by conducting LCS approved class fundraisers. For secondary students the number of class fundraisers which target the members of the church/school body is as follows:

7th Grade –1
8th Grade –1
9th Grade –1
10th Grade –1
11th Grade –2
12th Grade – 3

Students are allowed to conduct additional fundraisers which do not directly affect the church/school body, (i.e., car wash, garage sale, etc.), with prior approval from the school resource development coordinator.

Distribution of Class Funds: Monies rose from class fundraisers will be used for the designated class project. Individual credit will be assessed by individual student participation in the fundraiser. (i.e., if a student does not participate in a fund raiser they will not receive credit for that fund raiser). Students who have low participation or no participation in class fundraisers and desire to take part in the class project may be required to provide their percent of the cost personally.

Determination of Trip/Project Cost: If sufficient funds are not raised to cover the cost of the desired trip/project, then the trip/project may be adjusted to meet the funds raised. (i.e., the length of the trip cut to two days instead of three, etc.) Students may incur out of pocket cash above funds raised, for the following: 1) shortage in student account to cover trip costs and 2) personal spending money, as desired.

Parent Participation: Parents may do things on their own to help raise funds for their child’s class project, provided prior approval has been obtained from administration. An approved parent/sponsor must be present at all class-sponsored fundraising events. All students participating are required to follow LCS dress code and behavior guidelines.

The Resource Development coordinator is responsible for the scheduling of all fundraising events. He/She keeps the fundraising calendar and ensures that fundraising events do not conflict with other school activities or events of the sponsoring church.

The resource development coordinator gives approval to LCS class, group and department fundraisers as well as planning and implementing LCS’s all-school fundraisers. The coordinator works closely with the administrative team in the selection and approval process of all fundraisers pertaining to Legacy Christian School.

No fundraising event for Legacy Christian School may be held without the written approval of the resource development coordinator. No LCS fundraiser may put at risk any student participant. All fundraisers must have an approved LCS faculty member or LCS designated parent/volunteer in attendance at the fundraiser during the entire course of the event. These individuals are to provide oversight of the event, ensure proper student behavior, provide adult presence for the protection of the students and ensure complete take-down and clean-up of the event area. The adult presence and supervision, also ensures positive community perception of Legacy Christian School.