17: Home Study Policy

The philosophy of Victory Life Academy is to assist Christian parents in fulfilling their divine responsibility to thoroughly train each child to obey God in every area of life and to make him/her a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

VLA provides quality education in a Christian atmosphere. However, the administration and school board of Victory Life Academy recognizes that a traditional school setting is not the correct option for all students, nor is it the family choice of many parents. Therefore, VLA recognizes the validity of home study and seeks to support parents who have chosen this form of education for their children.

Students who study at home may participate in classes and extracurricular activities, provided the following criteria are met:

  1. Students must go through the same enrollment process as all other students
  2. Designation must be made of the classes/activities desired.
  3. Enrollment is allowed only as space is available, with full time students receiving priority.
  4. Costs involved:
    1. Per Class Book/Supply Fee (Does apply to competitive sports.) – $100
    2. Per Class Tuition for core curriculum classes – $1,000
    3. Per Class Tuition for elective/co-curricular classes – $1,000
    4. Per OSSAA rules, students in grades 7–12 must be full-time students to participate in extra-curricular activities governed by OSSAA. Therefore all home study students must attend Bible on VLA campus every day school is in session and meet academic eligibility requirements to be eligible to participate in competitive sports.